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About the project

Sultry July 2017. The legendary Evgeny Lovchev and I arrived in Tbilisi to participate in the organizational events of the tournament in memory of the Great Soviet and Georgian football players - Slava Metreveli and Mikhail Meskhi, players of the world team (FIFA), who made a great contribution to the history of this conquering all continents and peoples of the game. After the first day of events, despite the excellent conditions for true Georgian hospitality created for us by the hostess of the Sakartvelo (Georgia) hotel, Tina Dzhakeli, late in the evening I went outside to breathe the life-giving coolness.
Tourists were still walking along the street, voices were heard, and suddenly I saw a boy of about 9-10 years old at the entrance to the yard, banging the ball against the wall - and this is at one in the morning !!! The thought came to my mind - this land will not be impoverished with football talents. Suddenly, after his next hit, the ball rolled back to me. Putting my foot on the ball, I looked at him; he looked at me. The indescribable magic of the moment froze in the air. A series of childhood memories of football instantly swept through me, and before my eyes, these two extraordinary players appeared, gathering hundreds of thousands of fans in stadiums around the world, who, under the influence of their amazing art of handling the ball, were inextricably watching them. Unexpectedly for myself, I asked a young night football player if he knew these names of his compatriots - he shook his head. I felt uneasy - before my eyes the connection of generations was irretrievably lost.
A few minutes later I returned to my cool room and thought. Something prompted me to take immediate action — I no longer wanted to sleep. At that moment I picked up a computer and without stopping for two hours wrote this program “FOOTBALL - AS A CONNECTION OF TIME - IN THE NAME OF PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP !!!” Its goal is to conduct various events around the world related to memorable events in the history of football in order to ensure continuity of generations on all continents and countries. People must remember !!! The appearance of this program in Georgia is very symbolic, where the first tournament should take place, which gave the world a galaxy of talented players, where the beauty of football and amazing equipment were always appreciated, even to the detriment of the result, but to the delight of the entire world football community.